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Cheap Hotels in Dubai & 10 Best Offers in 2023

Are you looking for cheap hotels in Dubai?

Dubai is a fantastic travel destination due to its stunning, sparkling skyscrapers, cutting-edge structures, stunning beaches, and sandy beaches as well as its fine cuisine, fantastic all-inclusive hotel options, shopping at the Dubai Mall, and adrenaline-pumping activities. All these make Dubai one of the most demanding tourists’ destinations. So, while visiting Dubai, people look for budget hotels in Dubai. So, we are going to share with you the 10 best cheap hotels in Dubai.

1. City Palace Hotel

City Palace Hotel is one of the best cheap hotels in Dubai. Guests staying at City Palace Hotel will find all the amenities they need in their rooms. For the guests’ convenience, the hotel provides air conditioning in some rooms.

Show your friends how much fun you had in Dubai by posing in front of The Dubai Fountain, which is 7.2 km away. The Dubai Mall, located 6.7 km away, is a great place to find anything you want to buy on your trip to Dubai.


Sky Hostel Dubai is one of the most famous cheap hotels in Dubai. This is strategically located in Bur Dubai. This hotel gives you easy access to most of the nearby tourist sites. Moreover, you can visit the renowned Burj Khalifa before departing. Your stay will be more luxurious and unforgettable. You might like the hot tub at this five-star hotel. Additionally, you will get all the necessary facilities and services that will make you comfortable and relaxed on your vacation. For example, you will get air-conditioned rooms, laundry services, and so on.

3. Fully furnished Studio suite shared with 1 person

The fully furnished studio suite shared with 1 person is one of the best cheap hotels in Dubai. At this hotel, the check-in time is 5:00 PM and the check-out time is 8:00 PM. During booking, you can specify whether you want an early check-in or a late check-out, depending on availability. A charge may be applied to visitors checking in or out before or after the specified times.

Moreover, the fully furnished studio suite shared with 1 person comes with a parking space available for those who choose to travel by automobile. For their visitors, parking is free. 

You will get all the amenities and essentials in this hotel. That is to say, you will get the air-conditioned room, kitchen, pool, Wifi, fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, microwave, refrigerator, and all.

4. Private room with private bathroom

The hotel, Private Room With Private Bathroom, is centrally located in Bur Dubai. So, it gives you access and accessibility to all the surrounding landmarks and attractions. However, don’t leave without visiting the renowned Burj Khalifa. This five-star hotel has a ton of on-site facilities to make your stay more enjoyable and high-quality. 

Additionally, you will get all the necessary facilities and services that will make you comfortable and relaxed on your vacation. For example, you will get air-conditioned rooms, laundry services, and so on. 

5. Dubai Hostel and Private rooms

A variety of services and facilities are available at Dubai Hostel and Private Rooms to make your stay more comfortable. However, you can maximize the utilization of your amenities like daily housekeeping. Moreover, your demands can be met via front desk services, including luggage storage. Additionally, throughout your trip, you will get free Wi-Fi that will allow you to stay in touch with your contacts.

6. Tayeff homes2

At the Tayeff Homes2 hotel, check-in begins at 12:00 AM and check-out doesn’t happen until 1:00 AM. During booking, you can specify whether you want an early check-in or a late check-out, depending on availability. However, with an additional charge, visitors can slightly change this timing. 

Most importantly, the hotel is located near the metro. Moreover, you will find many nearby restaurants and supermarkets that will make your stay easier. There is no smoking allowed in the hotel rooms. Additionally, you will get washing and laundry services here.

7. Modern and Stylish Studio in Dubai South

An outdoor pool, a gym, and high-speed internet access are available at Majestique Residence Modern and Stylish Studio in Dubai South. The hotel is the perfect option for people looking for a relaxed stay after a long day of exploring Dubai. There are two major master developments in Dubai South focusing on aviation and logistics. Its location near the Al Maktoum International Airport, District 2020, and the UAE’s Green Belt make it a perfect place to live in Dubai.

In this hotel, you will get all the types of facilities you need. For example, starting from responsive staff, dishwashing and laundry services, gym, spa, and other services are all available in this hotel. Moreover, you will get a non-smoking, clean environment. However, tourists have a certain smoking zone as well. 

8. OYO 118 Dallas Hotel

The outstanding amenities and first-rate service at OYO 118 Dallas Hotel guarantee a wonderful experience. For example, during your stay, you can stay connected with the hotel’s free internet access. Moreover, the hotel offers transportation services, which makes it even more convenient to explore Dubai. Additionally, parking is accessible for visitors who are coming in their own vehicles.

The OYO 118 Dallas Hotel provides concierge, daily housekeeping, and 24-hour room service. Nowhere inside the hotel is a smoking area due to health concerns. However, cable TV and air conditioning are available in some rooms. Moreover, in certain guest rooms, you’ll find a hair dryer, toiletries, and towels.

9. Simba Hotel

With easy access to everything in Dubai, you’ll love staying at the Simba Hotel, located right in the city center.

A memorable stay will be guaranteed by the exceptional amenities and services provided at Simba Hotel. Free internet access is available, so you may stay connected the entire time. For their visitors, the hotel offers parking. In order to make it easier for visitors, the hotel offers front desk services including luggage storage.

Staying there will be a great choice because of the comforts found in rooms, such as the daily housekeeping and 24-hour room service. Nonsmokers are only allowed in the hotel. Only specific places that have been authorized for smoking are allowed.

10. Crystal Plaza Al Majaz Hotel

You can stay at the Crystal Plaza Al Majaz Hotel to experience the best of Sharjah and the nearby attractions. The hotel is only 3.2 km from Al Mamzar Beach Park. However, concierge services, speedy check-in or check-out, luggage storage, and safety deposit boxes are some of the front desk amenities available there. Moreover, television and cable TV are available to guests in a restricted number of rooms. Besides these, you will get air-conditioned rooms, necessary amenities, and laundry service in the hotel.

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